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Fazıl Say

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Fazıl Say

Fazıl Say in July 2011
Background information
Born January 14, 1970 (age 45)
Genres Classicalcontemporary classical
Occupation(s) Composer and pianist
Instruments Piano
Years active 1984 – present

Fazıl Say (Turkish: [faːˈzɯl saj]; born January 14, 1970) is a Turkish pianist and composer born in Ankara.

Life and career

Fazıl Say wrote his first piece – a piano sonata – as early as 1984, at the age of fourteen, when he was a student at the Conservatory of his home town Ankara. It was followed, in this early phase of his development, by several chamber works without an opus number, including Schwarze Hymnen for violin and piano and a guitar concerto. He subsequently designated as his opus 1 one of the works that he had played in the concert that won him the Young Concert Artists Auditions in New York: the Four Dances of Nasreddin Hodja. This work already displays in essence the significant features of his personal style: a rhapsodic, fantasia-like basic structure; a variable rhythm, often dance-like, though formed through syncopation; a continuous, vital driving pulse; and a wealth of melodic ideas that may often be traced back to themes from the folk music of Turkey and its neighbours. In these respects, Fazıl Say stands to some extent in the tradition of composers like Béla BartókGeorge Enescu, and György Ligeti, who also drew on the rich musical folklore of their countries. He attracted international attention with the piano piece Black Earth (1997), in which he employs techniques familiar to us from John Cage and his works for prepared piano.[1]

After this, Say increasingly turned to the large orchestral forms. Taking his inspiration from the poetry (and the biographies) of the writers Nâzım Hikmet and Metin Altıok, he composed works for soloists, chorus and orchestra which, especially in the case of the oratorio Nâzim, clearly take up the tradition of composers such asCarl Orff. In addition to the modern European instrumentarium, Say also makes frequent and deliberate use in these compositions of instruments from his native Turkey, including kudüm and darbuka drums and the ney reed flute. This gives the music a colouring that sets it apart from many comparable creations in this genre. In the year 2007 he aroused international interest with his Violin Concerto 1001 Nights in the Harem, which is based on the celebrated tales of the same name, but deals specifically with the fate of seven women from a harem. Since its world premiere by Patricia Kopatchinskaja, the piece has already received further performances in many international concert halls.[1]

Fazıl Say scored a further great success with his first symphony, the Istanbul Symphony, premiered in 2010 at the conclusion of his five-year residency at theKonzerthaus Dortmund. Jointly commissioned by the WDR and the Konzerthaus Dortmund in the framework of Ruhr. 2010, the work constitutes a vibrant and poetic tribute to the metropolis on the Bosporus and its millions of inhabitants. The same year saw the composition, among other pieces, of his Divorce String Quartet(based on atonal principles), and commissioned works like the Piano Concerto Nirvana Burning for the Salzburg Festival and a Trumpet Concerto for theMecklenburg-Vorpommern Festival, premiered by Gábor Boldoczki.

In response to a commission from the 2011 Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival, Say has also written a Clarinet Concerto for Sabine Meyer that refers to the life and work of the Persian poet Omar Khayyam. Fazıl Say’s works are issued worldwide by the renowned music publishers Schott Music of Mainz.[1]


According to the NY Times, on Monday, April 15, 2013 a court in Istanbul handed down a suspended 10-month jail term for Fazıl Say, convicted of insulting Islam and offending Muslims in postings on Twitter. Mr. Say, 42, who has performed with major orchestras around the world in places including New York, Berlin and Tokyo, said during earlier hearings that the accusations against him went “against universal human rights and laws.” The sentence was suspended for five years, meaning that the pianist will not be sent to prison unless he is convicted of re-offending within that period. In recent years, many intellectuals, writers and artists have been prosecuted for statements about Islam and Turkish identity, both of which the pro-Islamic government seeks to shield from criticism. Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, however, have rarely figured in previous trials, although Turks are active users of the sites.

The messages cited in the indictment were Mr. Say’s personal remarks referring to a poem by a famous 11th-century Persian poet, Omar Khayyam, which poked fun at an Islamic vision of the afterlife. The poem was sent to Mr. Say from another user before he forwarded it. In another personal Twitter post, he joked about the rapid call to prayer at a nearby mosque, questioning whether the muezzin who makes the call was running late for a drink.

Mr. Say, who denied the charges, is known for his critical stance against the government’s social and cultural policies. He has said publicly that he is an atheist — a rare statement in a country where the bulk of the population of 74 million identify themselves as Muslims.[citation needed] “Would it be for the government to decide whether a person believes in God or not?” Mr. Say said on CNN Turk, a private television news channel, in a recent interview. “It is hard for them to put me in jail.”

Hundreds of Mr. Say’s fans and supporters have attended the three hearings in six months to protest against his prosecution. He has continued to perform nationally and internationally, and, when the sentence was handed down, he was in Germany for a concert in the southern town of Reutlingen. In a written statement, Mr. Say said he was concerned about the implications of the court’s judgment for freedom of expression in his country, since he had been sentenced “although I’ve committed no crime.”

Honors and awards

  • Winner of the Young Concert Artists International Auditions (1994)
  • Echo Klassik (2001)
  • German Music Critics’ Best Recording of the Year Award (2001)
  • Ambassador of Intercultural Dialogue (2008)
  • "Echo" German Record Award (2009)
  • "ECHO Klassik 2013 Special Jury Award with Istanbul Symphony Album

Artist in residence

  • Konzerthaus Berlin, 2010/ 2011
  • Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival 2011
  • Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, 2010
  • Merano Festival, 2010
  • Konzerthaus Dortmund 2005-2010
  • Paris Théâtre des Champs-Élysées 2010
  • Tokyo 2008
  • Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2010
  • Musikfest Bremen 2005
  • Radio France 2003 and 2005


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  19. 2012 Istanbul Symphony & Hezarfen Ney Concerto ( CD / DVD )

Chronological list of compositions

Chronological list of Fazıl Say's compositions
Opus Composition Form Year City
Phrigian for Piano Early Works 1984 Ankara
Sonata for Piano Early Works 1984 Ankara
Ballade for Cello and Piano Early Works 1985 Ankara
Preludes for Piano Early Works 1985 Ankara
Preludes for Flute and Piano Early Works 1985 Ankara
Guitar Concerto Early Works 1986 Ankara
Suite for Piano Early Works 1986 Ankara
Schwarze Hymnen for Violin and Piano Early Works 1987 Ankara
4 Stücke for Piano Early Works 1987 Düsseldorf
Paganini Jazz 1. Version for Piano Piano 1988 Düsseldorf
Seidenstrasse for Piano solo Early Works 1989 Düsseldorf
Debussy Preludes Orchestration Early Works 1990 Düsseldorf
1 Nasreddin Hoca’nın dansları for Piano Early Works 1990 Düsseldorf
Reflections for Piano Violin and Orchestra Early Works 1990 Düsseldorf
Paganini Jazz 2. Version for Piano Piano 1990 Düsseldorf
3 Maerchen for Piano and Chamber Orchestra Orchestral 1991 Düsseldorf
Alt Anatolisches Tagebuch for Piano Early Works 1991 Düsseldorf
Melodien for Piano Early Works 1992 Berlin
Liszt Sonata Orchestration Orchestration 1992 Berlin
CD / (SFB) ( Scarlatti / Berg / Say ) Recording 1993 Berlin
3 Symphonia Concertante for Piano and Orchestra Orchestral 1993 Berlin
5a AllaTurca Jazz ( Mozart ) Piano 1993 Berlin
2 Fantasiestücke for Piano Piano 1993 Berlin
4 Silk Road for Piano and Chamber Orchestra Chamber 1994 Berlin
5b Paganini Jazz 3. Version Piano 1995 Berlin
5c Cadenza Mozart K 467 Orchestral 1995 Berlin
5d 25 Songs Song 1995 Berlin
CD / Troppenote Records ( Say ) Recording 1996 New York
5e Concerto for Guitar in d Concerto 1996 New York
6 Chamber Symphony Chamber 1997 New York
8 Black Earth for Piano Piano 1997 New York
7 Sonata for Violin and Piano Chamber 1997 New York
5f Yeni bir Gülnihal Jazz Variations for Piano Piano 1997 New York
CD / Warner Music ( Mozart Sonatas ) Recording 1998 New York
Sonata for Piano Silence of Southeast Piano 1998 New York
Gershwin arrangements for sixtett Piano 1999 New York
CD / Teldec ( Bach) Recording 1999 New York
UÇAK NOTLARI Book 1999 New York
CD / Teldec ( Gershwin ) Recording 2000 New York
CD / Teldec ( Stravinski- Le sacre ) Recording 2000 New York
Pieces for world jazz quartett Chamber 2000 New York
CD / Teldec ( Liszt- Tchaikovski ) Recording 2001 New York
11 Silence of Anatolia Piano Concerto Concerto 2001 New York
10 Cadenza Beethoven No 3 Piano 2001 New York
9 Nazım Oratorio Oratorio 2001 New York
CD / İmaj ( Nazım ) Recording 2002 Istanbul
12 3 Ballades for Piano Piano 2002 Istanbul
13 Metin Altıok Ağıtı Oratorio 2003 Istanbul
CD / Naive ( Say/ Black Earth ) Recording 2003 Istanbul
CD / İmaj ( Metin Altıok ağıtı ) Recording 2003 Istanbul
CD /Bilkent ( Nazım ) Recording 2003 Istanbul
14 Rhapsodia Uzun ince Yoldayım Chamber 2004 Istanbul
15 Cadenza Mozart KV 537 Piano 2004 Istanbul
CD / Naive ( Mozart Concertos ) Recording 2004 Istanbul
16 Thinking Einstein for Piano and Orchestra Concerto 2005 Istanbul
17 Patara Ballet for Ney–Flute, Soprano, Percussions and Piano Dance 2005 Istanbul
18 Ultimathule Film Music Cinema 2005 Istanbul
CD / Naive ( Beethoven Sonatas ) Recording 2005 Istanbul
DVD / İmaj ( Nazım Oratorio ) Recording 2002 Istanbul
19 Bach-Say Passacaglia ( Transcription) Piano 2005 Istanbul
20 Summertime Phantasy Gershwin Piano 2005 Istanbul
21 Pianist the Wolfy Cinema 2006 Istanbul
CD / Naive ( Haydn Sonatas ) Recording 2006 Istanbul
DVD / Arthaus ( Alla Turca ) Recording 2006 Istanbul
22 İnsan insan Cinema 2006 Istanbul
CD / Avex ( Live in Tokyo ) Recording 2006 Istanbul
23 Fenerbahçe Project Orchestral 2007 Istanbul
24 Bach-Say Fantasia in g ( Transcription ) Piano 2007 Istanbul
CD / Naive ( Kopatchinskaja – Say / Beethoven / Bartók ) Recording 2007 Istanbul
25 1001 Nights in the Harem Violin Concerto Concerto 2007 Istanbul
CD / Naive ( Kopatchinskaja – Say 1001 Nights in Harem ) Recording 2008 Istanbul
DVD / Avex ( Live in Tokyo ) Recording 2008 Istanbul
Yalnızlık kederi Book 2009 Istanbul
26 Princess of Lykia for 2 Guitars Chamber 2009 Istanbul
27 Watercolor Cinema 2009 Istanbul
28 Istanbul Symphony Orchestral 2009 Istanbul
İmaj ( Fenerbahçe Project ) DVD 2010 Istanbul
29 String Quartett Chamber 2010 Istanbul
30 Nirvana Burning Concerto 2010 Istanbul
31 Concerto for Trompet Concerto 2010 Istanbul
32 Variations for 2 Pianos and Percussion Chamber 2010 Istanbul
33 7000 yıllık uçan halı ( 7,000 Year Old Flying Carpet ) Theatre 2010 Istanbul
34 Cleopatra for solo Violin Chamber 2010 Istanbul
35 Woodwinds Quintett “Alevi dedeler rakı masasında” (Alevi Fathers at the Raki Table) Chamber 2010 Istanbul
Nazım Oratorio 2010 Version Reduction 2010 Istanbul
Yeni bir Gülnihal – Jazz Variations Reduction 2010 Istanbul
Nirvana Burning Piano Excerpt 2010 Istanbul
Trompeten Konzert Piano Excerpt 2010 Istanbul
36 Concerto for Clarinet “Khayyam” Concerto 2011 Istanbul
Fazıl Say: Pianist – Komponist – Weltbürger by Jürgen Otten Book 2011 Istanbul
Fazil Say: Pictures ( CD / DVD ) Recording 2011 Istanbul
37 “4 Lieder” – “4 Songs” Songs 2011 Istanbul
38 Symphony No. 2 “Mesopotamia” for extra large orchestra Orchestral 2011 Istanbul
39 Hezarfen Concerto for Ney and Orchestra Concerto 2011 Istanbul
40 SES Song 2012 Istanbul
41 Sonata for Cello and Piano – “4 Cities” ( Dört Şehir ) Chamber 2012 Istanbul
42 Sonata for Clarinet and Piano Chamber 2012 Istanbul
43 Symphony No. 3 “Universe” Orchestral 2012 Istanbul
44 6 Songs Song 2012 Istanbul
45 “Water” for Piano and Orchestra Concerto 2012 Istanbul
46 Space Jump for Trio (Piano, Violin, Cello) Chamber 2013 Istanbul

Other works


  • Uçak Notları (Airplane Notes) Ankara (1999)
  • Metin Altıok Ağıtı (Requiem for Metin Altıok) (2003)
  • Yalnızlık Kederi (Sorrow of Solitude) (2009)
  • "Fazıl Say: Pianist – Komponist – Weltbürger" by Jürgen Otten (2011)


  • Fazıl Say – Alla Turca (DVD, 2008)
  • Fazıl Say - Live in Japan (DVD)
  • Fazıl Say - Nazım (DVD, 2001)
  • Fazıl Say - Fenerbahçe Senfonisi (DVD)
  • Fazıl Say - Istanbul Symphony Concert (DVD, 2012)
  • Fazıl Say - Istanbul Symphony Short Documentary (DVD, 2012)

Blasphemy charge

In April 2013, Say came under investigation by the Istanbul Prosecutor's Office over statements made on Twitter, declaring himself an atheist and retweeting a message poking fun at the Islamic conception of paradise.[2][3] Say then announced that he was considering leaving Turkey to live in Japan because of the rise of conservative Islam and growing intolerance in his home country.[4][5] On 1 June 2012, an Istanbul court indicted Say with the crime of "publicly insulting religious values that are adopted by a part of the nation", a crime that carries a penalty of up to 18 months in prison.[3] According to Anatolia news agency, Say told the Istanbul court he did not seek to insult anybody, but was merely expressing his uneasiness. The court adjourned the case to February 18 after rejecting his lawyers’ request for an immediate acquittal. “When I read them (Say’s tweets), I was heart-broken, I felt disgraced,” Turan Gumus, one of the three plaintiffs, told the court. On April 15, 2013, Say was sentenced to 10 months in jail, reduced from 12 months for good behavior in court. The sentence was suspended, so he will be allowed to roam provided he does not commit the same offense in 5 years.[6]

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Istanbul Symphony (1. Sinfonie)

I. Nostalgie
II. Der Orden
III. Sultan-Ahmed-Moschee
IV. Hübsch gekleidete junge Mädchen auf dem Schiff zu den Princess-Inseln
V. Über die Reisenden auf dem Weg vom Bahnhof Haydarpaşa nach Anatolien
VI. Orientalische Nacht
VII. Finale

hr-Sinfonieorchester (Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra) ∙
Howard Griffiths, Dirigent ∙

Artist in Residence Weekend Fazıl Say ∙
hr-Sendesaal, Frankfurt, 10. November 2012 ∙
Fazıl Say: Black Earth ∙ Pianist Fazıl Say
Fazil say plays his own Paganini variation
Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 23 in F minor, Op. 57 (Appasionata)
I. Allegro assai 0:16
II. Andante con moto 10:08
III. Allegro ma non troppo - Presto 15:53
Symphony No. 2, Op. 38, "Mesopotamia"
Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra, Gürer Aykal
Carolina Eyck, theremin
Çağatay Akyol, bass recorder
Bülent Evcil, bass flute
Fazıl Say, piano

00:18 - Two Children in the Plain
06:36 - Tigris River
09:49 - About the Culture of Death
15:51 - Melodrama
19:41 - Sun
22:48 - Moon
26:36 - Bullet
32:26 - Euphrates River
36:32 - About War
41:17 - Ballad of Mesopotamia

Modest Mussorgsky: Pictures at an exhibition
Fazil Say: Own works (like Paganini-Jazz, Alla-Turca-Jazz, G. Gershwin: Summertime, etc.)

With his extraordinary pianistic talents, Fazıl Say has been touching audiences and critics alike for more twenty-five years in a way that has become rare in the increasingly materialistic and elaborately organised classical music world. Concerts with this artist are something else. They are more direct, more open, more exciting; in short, they go straight to the heart. Which is exactly what the composer Aribert Reimann thought in 1987 when, during a visit to Ankara, he had the opportunity, more or less by chance, to appreciate the playing of the seventeen-year-old pianist. He immediately asked the American pianist David Levine, who was accompanying him on the trip, to come to the city's conservatory, using the now much-quoted words: 'You absolutely must hear him, this boy plays like a devil.'

Μodest Mussorgsky: Εικόνες από μία Έκθεση
Fazil Say: Τζαζ αυτοσχεδιασμοί πάνω σε έργα των Paganini, Mozart, Gershwin κ.α.

Ο Fazil Say ξεκίνησε μαθήματα πιάνου με το Mithat Fenmen, ο οποίος διαισθάνθηκε το μεγάλο μουσικό χάρισμα του μαθητή του και του ζήτησε να αυτοσχεδιάζει κάθε μέρα πάνω σε μουσικά θέματα. Αυτή η επαφή με τις ελεύθερες και δημιουργικές διαδικασίες και μορφές καλλιέργησε το ταλέντο του Say στον αυτοσχεδιασμό, δημιουργώντας τον πιανίστα και συνθέτη που είναι σήμερα.
Ο Fazil Say συγκινεί το κοινό και τους κριτικούς για περισσότερα από είκοσι πέντε χρόνια, με έναν τρόπο που είναι πλέον σπάνιος, αγγίζοντας το κοινό κατευθείαν στην καρδιά. Το εξαιρετικό του ταλέντο του επέτρεψε πολύ σύντομα να χαλιναγωγήσει ακόμη και τα δυσκολότερα κομμάτια του ρεπερτορίου. Και είναι ακριβώς αυτό το μείγμα λεπτότητας και δεξιοτεχνίας που του χάρισε τη νίκη στο "Διεθνή Διαγωνισμό Νέων Καλλιτεχνών Κοντσέρτου" στη Νέα Υόρκη, το 1994.
Έκτοτε έχει εμφανιστεί με όλες τις μεγάλες αμερικανικές και ευρωπαϊκές ορχήστρες, ενώ το ρεπερτόριό του εκτείνεται από τον Bach, τους κλασικούς της Βιέννης και τους ρομαντικούς, έως τη σύγχρονη μουσική και δικές του συνθέσεις για πιάνο. Τα έργα του αποτελούνται από συνθέσεις για σόλο πλήκτρα, για μουσική δωματίου, καθώς και σόλο κοντσέρτα και μεγάλης κλίμακας ορχηστρικά έργα.

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3. Mihail Sebastian - Orasul cu salcimi

4. Ioan Slavici - Inchisorile mele

5. Gib Mihaescu -  Donna Alba

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7. Cella Serghi - Pinza de paianjen

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